What We Believe

The heart of Lutheran belief is that people are loved and forgiven children of God, and they have done nothing to earn or to deserve these gifts. Jesus Christ, God's Son, lived, died and rose again for the sake of humanity. The Holy Spirit has been given to humanity, making it possible for people to have faith. It is Jesus's acts, and this faith - both gifts from God - that guarantee our salvation. We may feel we don't deserve it; we may feel we haven't earned it. But that doesn't make it any less true.

Lutherans believe that Jesus is just as much alive today as he was that first Easter day. Through the Word of God - the Bible - Christians learn about Jesus, the early church and the Christian faith. And, through the Holy Spirit Christians are empowered to live out that faith. One day, Jesus will return and gather all believers to be a part of God's glorious reign.